Reading about health care

Pic_claire2 Reading about health care has been enlightening, distressing, and disgusting. 

What Claire McCaskill said yesterday about how difficult it is going to be to pass a new health care bill made me pause.  She basically said if it was easy, it would have been done years ago.  She also noted that there is so much money in health care that it will be difficult to get Senators to make changes ( basically as I am not quoting her here ).  What I got out of this was that lobbyists and money control each and every Senator in some way or another and that is why nothing gets done in Washington. 

Enlightening…yes.   Distressing….yes.  Disgusting…absolutely.  Surprising…not really. 

Take a look at Albany right now.  You can't make this stuff up.  It is like a bad reality show.  Obama is attempting to make serious changes in DC, I believe he should push even harder for each change, but how do you turn back hundreds of years of business as usual? 

I remember a few years back when we had a party for someone running for the Senate.  His assistant told me that after getting elected, a Senator has to spend about 75% of their time raising money for the next run.  Makes me really wonder about everything the Senator hopeful had to say about what issues they believed in and what they wanted to accomplish.  How can they accomplish anything when 75% of their time is spent raising more money? 

I make donations to support politicians that believe in what I believe in and I hope they represent my vote in the Senate ( or other places of Government).  It has nothing to do with access or slanting their votes.  I don't believe in that.  I am happy to discuss and give advice if they have any interest in listening to me but I really give to support people I believe in.  Call me crazy. 

After reading McCaskill's words yesterday, watching Albany implode and seeing a bit of the business as usual go on, it really makes me question the whole machine.  And BTW, as bad as the Democrats seem to be these days, the Republicans are in bed with the lobbyists and big business more than their counterparts.  Big business should not be controlling the voice of the people.