The Highline

Opening  Last night we went to the First Party on the Highline.  It was a fundraiser, which will happen annually, in order to raise funds to maintain the Highline  The room was packed.

We have been involved with the Highline for the past few years.  I remember going up there, entering near the Jacob Javits Center, on a cold day about 3 years or more ago.  At this point, we were asked not to take pictures or blog about what we were seeing.  Even as a rundown railway that had been basically left by the city to rot, it was still inspiring to think about what this could become.  To walk above the city and get that birds eye view was incredible.  Both Fred and I knew immediately this was something we had to support.

Walking around the Highline last night, in the dark, was just beautiful.  Joshua David and Robert Hammond were the dreamers behind this project.  They took a dilapidated train track that was just begging to be ripped down and converted it not only in to a beautiful park but a piece of New York City that will be here for generations to come and share.  It is unbelievable that they were able to get it done.  In a city that can sometimes be overwhelming, daunting and full of ridiculous red tape, they were able to literally change the neighborhoods of the West side between 14th and soon up to the Jacob Javits Center.  You really can't appreciate the significance of what they have done and created until you take a stroll up to the Highline.  It is really incredible.

Besides the Highline there were a few things about last night that were great.  We had a fun table.  The people watching, particularly the women's outfits and shoes, were a serious treat.  But as we were walking out from Chelsea Piers to stroll over the Highline, I saw Danny DeVito standing alone tapping out a message on his iPhone.  I walked up to him and asked if I could be his stalker of the evening.  He replied, as he looked up at me.  (keep in mind that I am only 5'3 and was wearing flats ) and said, I always had a thing for taller women.  I asked him if he twittered, he said he didn't.  I said, you should.  He lives in LA and grew up in NJ but somehow was there last night. which I questioned him on.  He liked the Highline.  It was a hilarious interaction, at least for me.