What do you do?

Images What do you do?  I guess that is a question that I should expect at a cocktail party put on by Spark Capital for the tech industry.

I just find it funny and I never give an exact answer.  Does anyone ever do an exact thing?

I do find it hilarious that people know me as the Gotham Gal but don't my name.  I love that, truly.

I finally got cards so I did give out a few only because I was asked.  I only got cards because when I have gone to some meetings with companies I am involved with and the meetings always start with people tossing out their cards.  Finally one of the CEO's said to me, can you get cards?

All and all a really enjoyable event where I saw a lot of old faces and some new.  More men than women by a ridiculous amount.  But for me, I am getting more comfortable in my skin when people ask me what I do and I now say that I am just a woman around town but sometimes I do use the super hero line.

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  1. bijan

    It was nice seeing you againand I’m glad you came to the partyhave a great weekend.