Best Buy for MOUSE

Hd_time_give Best Buy is one of the charity partners of MOUSE.  They are currently running a program where they are going to give away $250,000 to the charity that gets the most clicks on their website.  Best Buy is trying to engage kids on their site.  You need to be a teen to sign up.  It is actually a clever way to get kids involved.  Check it out and click away. 

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  1. Carole Wacey

    Joanne–As MOUSE’s first Chairperson, you have provided such tremendous leadership to support technology programs for underserved students across the United States.Thanks for posting about this opportunity to earn charity dollars from Best Buy to support MOUSE youth–who are learning technology and 21st century skills.Thanks for all you do for MOUSE!Carole WaceyExecutive Director,

  2. Josh Chandler

    I hate to say this, but the “Case Foundation” did something similar to this back in 2008(http://www.joshchandlerblog….Regardless of that matter, well done Best Buy for stepping up the mark. Your influence will be hugely beneficial, and I really look forward to see how much money is raised 🙂

  3. marilynmm

    I find your book reactions quite useful. Loved Sarah’s Key. Our book club is discussing Olive Kitteridge next. Your points are well-taken. The last chapter may present prospects for change late(r) in life. We just finished America, America by Ethan Canin, my first book by him and quite interesting in terms of politics. The Metz book on a marriage gone awry (discovered posthumously) was not quite as compelling to me as Isabel Gillies’ It Happens Every Day which had appealing (to me) starkness of prose. Our book group also ventured into The Post Birthday World, Admissions (more a novel than about college admissions-thank goodness).

    1. Gotham Gal

      The end of Olive K gave many good questions for conversation which I read through. But I still found the book not very embracing of life in general.joanne [email protected]

  4. RobertLMach

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