Chez Georges

Icecream  We walked over to the 2nd last night and had dinner at Chez Georges.  An old time bistro with classic French cooking.  Mostly locals which is always a bonus.  What I remembered, the minute we entered, is that Fred and I had eaten there 20 some years ago.

Not sure how I found all the places we ate at or where we stayed or what our days would be full of or what stores we should go to back then.  I can't imagine life without the Internet which has all the information you need to figure it out your own customized vacation.  The hardest part about the Internet is just finding what you need with all the information out there. 

Appetizers can be easily shared at Chez George as they come out in large white bowls.  Everyone had their own last night but something to remember.  The high points were the lentil salad and ratatoille.  The mixed green salad and foie gras were ok and the mushrooms were not what I was expecting.  Quartered cremini mushrooms cooked in a tea broth.  Not my cup of tea, no pun intended.

For dinner, the sole was simple and good.  The poached turbot over pasta and mushrooms was excellent and loaded with butter.  The sliced duck with a brown butter sauce and roasted mushrooms on the side was also a winner.  Lamb chops were okay but the green beans on the side were delicious…again loaded with butter which is why they were so good.

Years ago, when Fred and I went to Chez Georges, it was our last dinner in Paris.  Fred insisted on reading the french menu as he was adamant that he was up to speed with his french.  I opted for English knowing that although I took French for more years than I care to share, language is not my thing, unfortunately.  He ordered what he thought was veal and it turned out to be calves balls laden with cream. It was hilarious when the waiter told Fred who was taken back when the entree came, what he had ordered.  I had no problem with them ( the balls ) so I switched with Fred but it is a memorable story and has been told in the family lore a few times.  So when we walked in the restaurant, it made me laugh.

For dessert we strolled back to Amorino on Rue de Buci for some of the best gelato in Paris, where there is always a line.  The cones are beautiful.  2 flavors.  The first flavor put in the cone and then the second flavored put around the cone to make it look like a flower.  Then off to bed for an early flight out to Stockholm.