City Winery

CityWineryNYC-badge I got a full on tour of the City Winery last night, Michael Dorf's latest venture.  Quite impressive.

The place is huge.  Great venue for events.  Has a very down home look almost like a place that has been around a long time.  You can go there to listen to music which you can check out on the website to see what's coming up.  You can also do a private event in one of the many rooms from a private dinner in the wine room to a curtained off platform to taking over the whole place.

The food is fine.  Nothing fantastic but not bad.  The menu pairs the wines with the food which is clever.  Murrays cheeses are available and they do a tasting there every 2 weeks among the many other things they do.  I might make the menu a little more burger, fancy pizza oriented but that's me.

The most interesting part is that they are really making wine there. You can buy the ability to make your own wine which produces about 240 bottles.  Companies and individuals do it.  It is a clever way to create a company day of bonding by making wines.

The grapes come from all over the world.  Last night we tasted the Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir and they were really good.  Great for drinking and pairing with a variety of foods.  Pretty impressive, actually.

Michael has done a helluva job.  It as if the Knitting Factory just grew up. A much more clever House of Blues.  Look for a City Winery at an urban location near you soon.  

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  1. holly gewandter

    did michael tell you about his plan for using barrel ownership as a fundraising scheme? really interesting idea that i thought might be fun for a group of us at the new shul to try. i think it would work for about 4-5 couples.

    1. Gotham Gal

      He did. He told us about the myriad of ideas he had. All interesting andall different which I like.