Gifted Show, July 8 – July 30th

Serra Jessica's work was shown in a gallery over a year ago.  After the success of the show, the gallery, Synchronicity Fine Arts, decided to choose from the many artists that were in the show and highlight 3 of them that the committee thought was the best.  Jessica is one of those artists. 

Wall Her work is being shown, and sold, at the Gifted Show at Synchronicity Fine Arts located at 106 West 13th between 6/7th Avenue, 12-6 pm, Wednesday – Saturday. 

Jess I checked out the opening today.  She takes over about 75% of the gallery and the front room so that is quite exciting.  I took a few pictures but they don't even begin to give them justice as you can see my reflection in the photo.

If you get a chance, come on by.