Kungsholmen, last dinner in Stockholm

Last night we had dinner at Kungsholmen which is one of the many restaurants owned by . Our friend in Stockholm said that the chef Melker reminded him of Gordon Ramsey. Whatever the case, it was one of the only "chef" type restaurants open.

On the water, which is really nice. Definitely a happening place. Sort of caters to everyone so a good place with a group. There are a variety of bar areas around the circumference of the room. Nordic, spice, classic, fast food and a few others. The tables are low to the floor which creates an ambiance right there. Someone said when we sat down, feels like Passover (when we recline in our chairs)

Everything comes in either a half portion or a full (so appetizer size or entree).

The food was nothing to write home about but it was fun. I started with a salmon tartare topped with trout roe. Raw salmon chopped up with tiny pieces of apple, mustard seeds and a swatch of creme fraiche on the plate (they love creme fraiche in stockholm). Many of us got that although Josh had the shrimp avocado which was similar to the mayonnaise shrimp sandwich we had the other day. Paella was a popular dinner choice. Paella with a strange tasting chicken and overcooked fish and seafood in a small pan with heavily salted risotto on the side. Fred had the bouillabaisse which was quite tasty with a tomato base broth. Jess went for sushi, not a good call.

People in Stockholm praise the food in their town but so far we have no been wowed. Gives me a reason to return when all the top chefs are in town,