Peter Luger

3681888261_ed122f39d8_s Imitation is the ultimate form of flattery.  Many steak houses in New York City has basically done that by attempting to copy Peter Luger yet Peter Luger still has a charm that nobody else can copy.  It certainly isn't the cash only or Peter Luger credit card only option.  Maybe it is the location.  Maybe it is the old wood floor and the long bar that just calls out for a scotch and a cigar.  Maybe it is the small partitioned off area where the cashier sits.  Maybe it is the simplicity of the menu.  Whatever it is, there is nothing quite like Peter Luger's.  We went the other evening to celebrate my father's 70th bday.  Luger's is his kind of place.

We order the same thing we order every time.  Tomato and onion plate ( definitely better in summer months ), 3681891533_3f5ec4c994_s onion ring/french fry combo, Canadian bacon ( which is out of this world ), steak for as many as needed, creamed spinach and then if we can stuff it in, dessert.   BTW, the bread they bring out at the beginning is pretty damn good too.  The steak sauce, we all decided, tastes better there than out of the bottle that you can buy at your local grocery store maybe because it never gets cold.  We did opt for the desserts.  Chocolate sundae, pecan pie and the huge bowl of whipped cream on the side.  A couple bottles of red wine with the meal and we could all go home and hope that one meal like this a year wouldn't clog our arteries too badly.

6a01156f4ae097970b011570a845bc970c-800wi My father, who is not a believer in holidays as a whole, seemed to enjoy himself.  Never one to celebrate fathers day, valentines day or any of these hallmark events which he deemed ridiculous.  Yet, he rose to the occasion and truly enjoyed himself.  My brother and I told stories about growing up which is always funny since everyone remembers different things.  My sister, who is traveling, was not able to join in the fun.  Maybe on his 71st.

All and all, a really memorable evening. 

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  1. marshal sandler

    No better place to take a Man Of Good Taste ! Happy Birthday to your dad ! From another Older Man !