Piran We went back to Piran for dinner.  It is like stepping backward in time.  Feels a little bit like Greece.  Old world meets new yet everything still looks old and more than likely not much has changed except for possibly the kitchens in the restaurants.  My guess is people still swam out in the ocean off the same piers today as they did a hundred years ago.

Emily is also in Ljubljana but staying with a good friend from school who happens to be half Slovenian.  We met up with her and her friends family to have dinner.  They live up in Maribor which is about 2 hours from the beach up near the lake area.  I would have liked to see that part of the country too.  Gives us a reason to return.  Emily told us that they grow peaches, nectarines, squash, tomatoes, roses, sunflowers and more on their property…all organic, of course.

Three widows fish We had dinner at a restaurant called 3 Widows which is located right on the harbor.  After having probably 2 of the top meals in the country over the past few days, this really didn't compete but it was fun and not bad.  The adults split a whole branzino with greens/potatoes mixed together on the side.  That seems to be the standard dish as I saw it everywhere for lunch.  You could probably eat the same meal at every restaurant in town.  

After dinner and a walk around Piran we went back to the hotel and they began their journey home.  Fred, Josh and I watched American Gangster, outside underneath the stars, before going to sleep. 

This morning, off to the airport for the long journey home.  A beautiful country, so glad we came.  Now, back to reality. 

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  1. Jernej

    Maribor is in the northeast of Slovenia and there aren’t really any significant or noteworthy lakes around it. Perhaps you’re thinking of the northwest with a few alpine lakes.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Possibly but the picture Emily sent me from the home she stayed at was on the water with a beautiful church in the backgroundjoanne [email protected]