Hotel view from our porch The drive down to Portoroz was beautiful.  The roads appear to be paved yesterday, the tunnels and bridges are also in pristine condition.  It reminds me of how the roads, tunnels and bridges back home are band-aided together.  It is an area where we need to spend some serious cash.  Enough of politics. 

When we got into the town, the traffic backed up a bit as we drove through a tree lined road that just felt and looked European.

Our hotel, Kempinski Palace is basically in the middle of town has recently gone through and entire renovation.  An old building with completely modern insides.  The building had been vacant for 20 years.  The hotel reopened last year after undergoing a 5 year renovation.  They did an amazing job.  The rooms are nice sized with plush beds and wifi.  A pool, a grand ball room and huge veranda for breakfast and the beach is right across the street.  This picture is from the balcony of our room. 

Makes me wish it was warm here in December.  A perfect destination location for a vacation. 

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