Return to the Standard Grill

Second time back to the Standard Grill was last night.  I want to like the grill for so many reasons.  Great space, in the neighborhood, the location is perfect, right under the Highline and the outdoor space is sweet.  But as my friend put it, at the end of the day, the chef just isn't that great.  It really is unfortunate.  I wonder that as time goes on will the long lines that are there nightly as the crowds pour out into the street during the warmth of summer subside?

I tried different dishes last night.  Half a dozen oysters that were just ok.  For a main, I had the lamb chops.  Saturated with so much seasoning that I couldn't really taste the lamb but just a mixture of spices and peppercorns.  The side square deep fried polenta. was cheesy and dense.  On the side was a heavy thick pesto with bits of something in it.  The only other thing I tasted was Freds humble pie dessert.  It comes in a small singular pie dish.  I took a bite and almost spit it out.  Fred said it tasted like a frozen grocery store pie.  I found it so incredibly bitter that my mouth puckered.

The waitress forgot to come back and get my wine order.  The ice cubed in my cocktail were the size of half my fist.  Need I go on?

I so want the Standard to be good.  We bumped into our friends on the way out and they said the same thing, the food is mediocre at best. The night is young, the crowds are there.  Change the kitchen and change it now.

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    I agree that the food is mediocre, although the overall scene is nice.The lamb chops, actually, I thought were pretty good, one of the better items on the menu. Same with the charred octopus.