Torkla Inn, Korte

Restaurant top
We had a cab taking us up to Torkla Inn for dinner in the town of Korte.  So glad we opted for a cab instead of me driving.  A one and a half car road to the top of a white knuckle drive mountain.  Well worth the drive.  Vineyards, small homes and lots of greenery.

Torkla sits atop of an expansive view of the mountain.  Jaw dropping.  The menu is simple.  Think good home cooking.  The local delicacy is truffles, truffles and more truffles.  As the first delicacy from the chef was a piece of toast with a creamy foie gras and shaved truffle over the top.  Sublime.  I admit I have never been to a restaurant that gives you a menu for water.  The waters come from different regions all over Europe.  The picture above is of the water menu. 

Josh started with his all time favorite, a plate of thinly sliced proscuitto.  Delicious.  I had 4 green figs, so ripe that they fell apart when I picked them up with my fork.  Each fig, split in half had a thin sliced piece of sea bass carpaccio over the top and then drizzled with olive oil and balsamic on the side.

We then had a few pastas.  Fred had the spaghetti with sea urchin.  Homemade noodles that had so much flavor that only a touch of olive oil would make it a treat.  The sea urchin brought the dish to another level.  Rich flavorful tiny pieces that had been sautteed in olive oil and butter.  A total omigod.  Josh and I split the truffle pasta.  Irregularly cut squares of a rich pasta about 1/8 inch thick and then rolled up like a finger.  A bowl of these served with ample butter, shaved and grated fresh truffles.  Seriously orgasmic.  The picture doesn't give the pasta justice.

Next out were the main courses.  All of this was washed down with the local wine made right up there on the mountain.  Josh had a duck breast, medium rare, sliced and served with a deep brown sauce over the top and yes, more truffles.  Fred and I split a sea bass.  Roasted in a large rectangular metal roasting dish with cubes of rich yellow potatoes on the bottom.  Our waiter boned the fish, scooped ample potatoes and butter on the side and out came, yes, the truffles which he grated from one end to the other of the plate. 

Exquisite views and although the food sounds delicious, and believe me it was, it was simply prepared.  It takes a true chef to bring out the flavors of the fresh food he or she is preparing. That is exactly how I like to eat.  Nothing fancy but just good.

We needed some time to work off the meal so we bagged dessert and opted to go back into town.  Our cab came and took us back to the hotel.  We walked the strip and got a few gelatos to top off the night.  In the yard of the hotel, there were lounge chairs set up for the outdoor movie being shown, Casino Royal.  We laid down, watched the film and then retreated to our rooms.

A truly perfect night.