A day at the beach

It is pretty incredible how the days just sort of melt into one another out here. 

Burgers Today, we went to our friends house where the crew got ready for the big burger cook-off happening on Labor Day weekend.  Let me tell you, these guys take their burgers very seriously.  Josh and I went last year for the pre-tasting and were thrilled to be asked back again to give our opinions prior to the big day.  I can't share the conversations being had but we must have tasted at least 10 different burgers.  No surprises, a very critical audience.  Friends yes, but I'm going with their burger.  It is fantastic. 

Garden Of the 2 people involved in the bash ( this duo is one of the 5 different groups competing), one is actually a chef.  His garden is pretty inspiring.  We had a tossed salad with the fresh lettuce and herbs with our burgers and it was honestly one of the best salads I have ever had.  Lettuce straight from the garden is seriously a completely different experience.  The flavors of each different lettuce just ring out in your mouth.  Makes one really step back and take pause about only buying local and in season. 

After the endless supply of burgers, we met another group of friends at the Surf Lodge in Montauk.  Quite the scene.  Although the setting is nice, the scene was a tad overwhelming so we left and went over to Sole East.  A very mellow place.  We sat outside, have a few drinks and made our way home.  What is pretty sweet is there is a Tom's pop-up store at Sole East.  For ever shoe that Tom sells, they give away one pair to someone in need.  Makes you want to buy a pair, right? 

All and all, a total beach day even though our only water activity was a swim in the pool earlier in the day. 

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  1. chrisnyc1

    Joanne – my mouth is watering AND i just went online and bought a pair of Tom’s! hope you’re well. chris a.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Excellent! I’ll take serious pictures the day of the bash.