Cavaniola’s Gourmet in Sag Harbor

I have parked myself out on the East End of Long Island for the month of August.  A plus and a minus.  As my friend stated, I am not so good at downtime.  I think too much and although I am reading, relaxing, exercising and hanging there is the part of me that is analyzing way too much nonsense.  Believe me, I know this is a total treat but nothing is never perfect and I am okay with that. 

I really do try and stay close to home out here but yesterday we drove into Sag Harbor.  Sag Harbor is starting to get a few small hipster stores that are all congregated near the coffee shop, in an alcove on Main street where the coffee shop is.  But my favorite store in Sag Harbor, hands down, is Cavaniola's Gourmet.  If I could take all my favorite stores out here and put them in one town, Cavaniola's would be top of the list.  I wish it was in Amagansett.
Cavaniola's began as a single cheese shop with a variety of highly curated condiments. The products they carry are some of the products that Foodzie carries too so really top end artisinal products…such as Ricks Picks.  I have probably tried about 5 of the products they carry through Foodzie and was thrilled to see each of the products on their shelves.  In the cheese store, besides an incredibly assortment ( a little slice of Paris ), there are breads and pastries.  They also carry this huge jar of tuna from Italy.  There is nothing else like it and I picked it up to keep in the fridge.  Had some yesterday with a salad and the tuna is delicious.

Cavaniola's has extended into 2 other stores, in the same location, just next to each other.  I am surprised they have not knocked down the walls because each store has a separate entrance.  Next to the cheese shop is the gourmet store.  A small refrigerator with a couple of condiments in it and ready made food.  Not a lot but everything in the case looked delicious.  There is also a wine shop which we didn't get to go into but after drooling over the cheeses my guess is the wine selection is interesting and excellent.

A real gourmet oasis at 89B Division Street, just off the main strip in Sag Harbor. 

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  1. rufrank2

    It’s 3:30-ish in the morning August 12…certainly no time to be eating…but your blog made me hungry. When I read about your jar of tuna, it reminded me I want to make some tuna salad, so I found one of the cans and put it in the fridge. LOL. Friday is my last day teaching summer school…after that I’m going to the local Italian deli. WATCH OUT!

    1. Gotham Gal

      Enjoy your vacation.

  2. Ghorwood

    I’ve come to like Lucy’s Whey in East Hampton (near the IGA). They have interesting cheeses, breads and gourmet products you can’t find elsewhere out East.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Love Lucy’s Whey. I used to get their wares at the Greenmarket weekly atNick & Toni’s parking lot. Have yet to go to the store. Will check it outthis week.

  3. LGBlueSky

    Check out the Physique57 class at the Barn in Bridgehampton and this workout will inspire you for the rest of the day!

    1. Gotham Gal

      I’ve heard but I try not to drive past EH in the summerjoanne [email protected]

  4. cookiemoo

    Hi Joanne,We are going out to our apartment in Amagansett this weekend. Looking for breakfast, lunch or dinner places that are casual and yummy. Normally we frequent Mary’s Marvelous (know you love that), John’s Pancake House, and the Clam Bar. Babette’s is off the list after reading your post (and too many flies). Could be anywhere from Montauk to E. Hampton. Thanks very much,Cathy S.

    1. Gotham Gal

      La Fondita is great for lunch or dinner. Picnic oriented and good food.Place your order and then sit at the tables.Clam Bar is much better than LunchHampton Chutney is one of my favorites in Amagansett square.I have had dinner twice now at Mezzluna and have had 2 good meals. Longwait, no reservationsMeeting House, in Amagansett square, haven’t been this year but always aline and not bad.Goldbergs has really good bagels.I do like Fresno in EH which does take reservations.EH Point is expensive and a wait but the setting is seriously fantastic.Hope that helps. Enjoy the weekend.

    2. Gotham Gal

      One more. Joni’s in Montauk. Good breakfast and lunch. Prepare for lines.

      1. cookiemoo

        Thanks Joanne, Joni’s oatmeal is yummy. Need to try Mezzluna, La Fondita, and Meeting House. Going to avoid EH Point and Fresno this time around – not in the mood for that scene this weekend. We’re going to chill. We’re across the street from the Clam Bar and if the weather obliges, we pick up from them and eat on the beach!