Diane Birch at the Talkhouse

The Talkhouse is one of those venues you just have to love.  Regardless that the majority of the bands that play there are older and past their prime and charge ridiculous prices for the tickets, it is a old time local bar with a stage.  I particularly love the huge picture of the Stephen Talkhouse behind the stage. 

Last night, Diane Birch played at the Talkhouse.  In full disclosure, S-Curve Records, who is the genius behind Birch is a record label that we are investors in.  This is the second time we have seen Diane perform.  You can see that in the past few months that she is much more comfortable on stage.  She is a musician and getting used to the spotlight isn't always seamless.  She chatted with the audience and really rocked out on the last song which was a Tom Petty cover.

It was fun to go, see a bunch of friends there, drink a few drinks and listen to music.  It is one of those "must do" places that we try to get to at least once a summer, regardless of the music. 

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