Ted Kennedy

Ted KennedyImage by Brian Finifter via Flickr

 I read the news today over Twitter
What is there to say?  An end of an era.  He was the last man standing
in the Kennedy family, the youngest kid who wasn't suppose to carry the
legacy.  He was supposed to just enjoy life.  Sail, drink, help out
once in a while.  But life doesn't always work out that way.  What is
so amazing about Ted Kennedy,
besides how he shaped politics and policy in our country, is that he
rose to the occasion and his impact on America will be felt for years
to come.  He was truly an amazing man.

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  1. CCjudy

    http://tr.im/xgOT Read this for inspiration of Ted Kennedy dealing with the biggest challenge Jg

    1. Gotham Gal

      I read that this morning. Truly truly amazing man.joanne [email protected]

  2. Ellen

    Great article. It is too bad with the way Obama wants to decrease medicare spending our parents would have some of those same treatments denied if they had a glioblastoma. They would be told that they were too old for medicare to spend such money for treatment that would only give them a bit more time. Our parents’ time on earth would not be worth as much as a senator’s or congressman’s time on earth.Meanwhile here in Boston the debate has begun. First of all will Deval change our law and appoint someone to fill Kennedy’s seat that would vote for pending legislation the way Ted would have or do we wait the 5 months and have an election as per our law? If so who would step up? Joe, Ted Jr. or Caroline?Since I am responding after the televised event today, Saturday, the other debate my middle-aged women friends are having- Was the bow too frou-frou and inappropriate for a funeral that Michelle wore? The back of the skirt with the box pleats was gorgeous. I thought the outfit was stunning and she looked beautiful, but she was in staid Boston at a funeral. I wonder what New York thinks? Granted it is a superfluous comment, but then again Pelosi wore her pearls and and Mrs. Kerry her Hermes scarf so they adorned themselves knowing America was watching.