9/11 revisited

On 9/16/01, my friend sent me this power point from a friend of his. I have kept it all these years. It is incredibly moving and every year I watch it and every year I cry. It is worth clicking through the power point. A day that I will never forget and every time I think about it, my chest gets tight and tears just well up.

This is the note he sent around to all his friends with the power point attached.

Five days after the World Trade Center attack, Yael and I had a rare
opportunity to see a side of Ground Zero that has generally been off-limits
to media and volunteers. Naturally, we couldn't resist the temptation to
take a few pictures. We wanted to share them with friends far and wide who
don't live in New York. Hopefully, the attached Powerpoint show will give
you a sense for what it was really like. (I hope it didn't take too long to

By way of background, on the Tuesday of the attacks, I was 5000 miles away
in Anchorage on business. I couldn't concentrate on work. That Thursday, I
decided I had to get back to New York to see it for myself.

Somehow, through a lucky combination of finding a charter plane to New York,
finding the only hardware store in Manhattan with hard hats and respirators
left, and sweet-talking our way through five layers of tight police
security, Yael and I found ourselves 48 hours later at Ground Zero, working
the rescue alongside a team of professional fireman, policeman, FBI, NYPD,
CIA, and other federal agents.

Two weeks after the attacks, we look out my window in New York and see white
smoke rising 15 blocks away where the World Trade Towers once stood.

Download Ground Zero

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Comments (Archived):

  1. rdeichert

    @theGothamGal these pictures are unreal. Very moving

  2. CCjudy

    some things must never be forgotten and this is one and for me the Holacaust is another …………….

    1. Gotham Gal

      Agreed. Unbelievable pictures never to be forgotten.

  3. soldier_oneal

    9/11 was set up by george bush, which is who we should be at war with. please visit 911revisited.com and watch the astonishing video footage explained by demolitionist. the footage may open your eyes to the truth about the 9/11 attacks.this comment was not left to take away from the enormous amount of pain and anguish america endured that september day. america lost more than it should have…. only to start and war and yet lose even more. im a dedicated soldier in the US ARMY. and i fight because i believe in our freedom but i do not believe in the travousty brought on by George Bush. We will never forget those lost GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!