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Logo Jessica wanted to go to Minetta Tavern for dinner the night before taking off for college.  She told me this a few weeks ago and even then I couldn't get a reservation at a normal hour.  Only availability, the week before Labor Day, was 5 or 11pm.  So, I had to go to my friend to get me the reservation.  Thank god for big favors.

We had a good meal.  A quick run through.  A few of us went with the heirloom tomato salad.  Chunks of heirloom tomatoes ( always good no matter which way you slice them in August ) with a puree of avocados through out the plate with a light vinaigrette.  Simple.  Others had the mixed green salad with a thin slice of bread toasted and a piece of goat cheese.  Tres French.  For the main courses, Fred had the steak which is quite tasty, Jess and I had the halibut which was the fish of the day.  Well cooked with a nice punch of salt on top and a mixture of green and yellow beans on the side.  Em had the Minetta burger (caramelized onions and cheese cheese) and Josh went for the Black Label Burger (caramelized onions and supreme beef).  Both really good although Josh's was truly rich, like eating a chopped rib eye both with crispy fries.  For dessert, we had 2 chocolate souffles to share which were damn good.  All and all a really fun time and a nice meal.

Here is my thing about Minetta Tavern which is why it just isn't for me.  Getting in is almost impossible.  Another Waverly.  I get it, it is for a certain crowd in NYC.  I saw a variety of celebrities there.  It is just a little too pretentious for me.  Also, it is so loud in there it is really difficult to have a conversation.  The service is fine.  It is very Parisian which I love but I might rather fly to Paris for that meal. 

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  1. kenberger

    We were there for an 8pm reservation the other night and it took a while to get seated, despite being confirmed. (Went with the same friend that got you in to Per Se a while back.)Agreed- lots of minor celebrities, and guys wearing $50k Franck Mueller watches.Black Label burger was “like buttah”– totally worth the price and hype!Also recommend the bone marrow– those bones must weigh 5 pounds each!

    1. Gotham Gal

      Yeah, the Bone Marrow was quite supreme.