Fashions Night Out, September 10

Images-1 If you haven't heard of this yet, you should.  September 10th, is Fashions Night Out. 

Not sure if Vogue came up with this idea but it is genius.  In 13 locations around the world, Fashions Night Out will be celebrated from 6pm and on from department stores, high-end boutiques, chains, etc.   The idea is to get people back into the stores to do the obvious, spend money.  But also to embrace an industry that is really hurting from the downturn in the economy, the fashion industry.  Some stores are giving some of their nights draw to charities.  All stores are creating something unique. 

I have received a variety of emails of events happening around NYC that night.  Opening Ceremony will have many cutting edge designers making store appearances with a DJ to create a non-stop party, Martin Margiela on Greenwich Street is having all employees bring their favorite vintage piece of Margiella and take photos of outfit.  I could continue but you get the gist.  I believe Anna Wintour and Mayor Bloomberg are kicking off their night at the Macy's in Queens. 

Hopefully this will be a really successful evening.  The city will be hopping, people will be back into the stores and it is a perfect night for kicking off Fall.  I love that it is a global experience too.  I plan on making the rounds.  I would hope that like restaurant week, this will become an annual event.  Super smart idea.

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