Georgia O’Keefe at the Whitney

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I went up to see the opening today of the Georgia O'Keefe exhibit at the Whitney.  Years ago, in a book club that I was a part of, we read Georgia O'Keefe, A Life by Roxana Robinson.  The book was unfortunately typical of many biographies…it rambled and needed some serious editing but at the end of the day, I learned about every stage of her life.  From childhood, to NYC and her life with Stieglitz to New Mexico.  Obviously a very interesting woman.

No4ok_125 The exhibit is really well curated.  Some classic O'Keefe but also pieces that I have never even seen from abstracts, charcoals, watercolors, drawings and sculpture.  I also liked that there was a small room with photos that Stieglitz took of O'Keefe.  Personally I like the work that has the deep rich colors that remind me of the desert in New Mexico. 

O'Keefe had a really interesting artistic life and it is absolutely worth getting up to the Whitney to see her work. 

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  1. Ellen

    My friends in New Mexico, the Zaplin-Lampert gallery occasionally will get a O Keefe painting and it is usually breath-taking. so sensual. sounds like a great exhibit. Sometimes, I just wish I lived in N.Y.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Visit and visit often!

  2. Ellen (not the previous one!)

    If you are interested in Alfred Stieglitz and Georgia O’keeffe and would like to know more truth about their relationshp than the recent and in my opinion poor Lifetime TV production read “Stieglitz: A Memoir/ Biography by Sue Davidson Lowe ( his grand niece who knew him and Georgia for over 20 years and did an additional 7 years researching and writing the book).Originally published in 1982 by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Then rereleased by the Boston Musem a few years ago with some corrections by the author.It was rated as one of the five best non-fiction books of 1982 by Time Magazine.I look forward to seeing the show. And thanks for this post.

    1. Gotham Gal

      I look forward to seeing the show too. Thanks for the info.joanne [email protected]