It’s all about the salt

Salt brings out the flavor in everything even baking.  There are plenty of different salts on the market these days.  Sea salts, pink salts from Australia, salt mixtures, etc.  Each add a different zest to your meal or whatever you are making.  I stick with Kosher salt for the basics but like a flavored olive oil or an interesting vinegar, that particular taste can change the entire dish.  Same with salt.

Foodzie sent me 3 special salts made by the Mendocino Sea Salt company.  Each salt had a distinct flavor.  I particularly liked the consistency of the salts, very flaky and easy to crumble with your fingers.  The basic sea salt could be a staple in my kitchen.  The other salts were the Nori Sea Salt which is basically dried seaweed, sesame seeds and sea salt.  It obviously has an Asian flavor to it.  Really interesting and great rubbed over fish.  The last was called "Sand' which was a mixture of garlic, onion, brown sugar, pepper and sea salt.  I am not a garlic fan but the salt was really interesting.  Would be a good addition to a BBQ sauce or even something that was being braised. 

Just simple flavorful salts that are really delicious and can change the entire structure of your dish in seconds.  Worth keeping in the pantry.

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  1. daryn

    Here’s another interesting salt I found on Foodzie awhile back:…It is a smoked sea salt, and the hickory smoke scent is quite strong, so I was worried it would be too much, but it adds a nice flavor to things that need that little something extra. I’ve used it on steaks, in chili, in bbq sauce, and even a pinch on my scrambled eggs.

    1. Gotham Gal