Ox_home_01 I've stayed out of the Health care debate in regards to writing a post but as of today I've changed my tune.

There is no question that the system we have is broken.  Not only is the price of Health care through the roof, the decisions made by insurance companies on what and if they want to fund a particular treatment is insane.

Today I called our doctor to please call the pharmacy to re-up a prescription for Emily.  When
I got to the pharmacy they informed me that the new dosage, which is a tad higher, had to be signed off on by our insurance company.

So even though Ems doctor believes she should be using a higher dosage of a particular medication, our doctors assistant had to call Oxford and ask them if that was ok.  Then
Oxford had to fax the doctor a form to fill out telling them why she prescribed this dosage and then of course fax it back. Then someone at Oxford (probably not a medical person) has to give it the ok and fax it back.  Then the doctors office has to call the pharmacy and give them the confirmation number that has been issued from Oxford.

 Total amount of hours, time and energy over one persons prescription is equal to how many dollars?  Does this make sense?  There has to be a more efficient, time saving, less costly way to keep Americans healthy.

The system is broken and the fix might not be perfect and it will take time to tweak but it has to be better than this.  Meanwhile, I am still waiting for the sign off.