Maidstone, The Living Room

C-o_B9R2235_maidstone_retouched2 The Maidstone was purchased a few years ago, not sure when, and completely redone.  Whoever took over the Maidstone did a terrific job.  Great online site, you can make reservations for dinner at the Living Room and also for the rooms.  Upscale and definitely geared toward an upscale old school crowd.  The waiters wear bow-ties and there is valet parking.  But the vibe is nice, and the bar area is quite large. 

The chef has embraced the Slow Food process.  Seasonally changing menu with a Swedish bend.  Local food is highlighted on the menu.  Nice menu too.  The food is good and creative and expensive.  I started with a heirloom tomato salad ( my daily choice ) with burrata cheese.  A large bowl with tomatoes cut in large pieces around the oozing cheese that sat in a tad garlicky gazpacho which was a nice touch.  Good, not great.  For dinner, I had the special.  4 caramelized scallops over a mixture of corn, beans and a touch of truffle oil ( I believe ).  All good.  My friend had the pork chop which was cooked perfectly, juicy and tender.  Fred went with the sea bass which was well cooked and my friend had the halibut.  Everything was just good not great which is pretty standard stuff in the Hamptons.  We all went for the desserts.  My friend had the corn cake with corn ice cream which was particularly good and seasonal.  All the others were also tasty.

I am not raving, as you can see but I could be back, regardless.  A great location, good service, probably wonderful rooms if you need a place to stay.  Not sure it is my scene but it is always fun to play in other sandboxes some days. 

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  1. Rustic Furniture

    just curious but what is this buratta cheese like? the name sounds delicious… 😛

    1. Gotham Gal

      Mozzarella, generally from Italy, which has a tougher outer coating butoozes when cut open from inside and definitely has an almost sour bite.Delicious.