Things everybody should know how to do


I am getting ready to go to London this week and realized that I needed a pair of pants hemmed.  Got out the sewing machine and did it.  I could have done it by hand too.  Have showed the girls how to do this before but am going to drive it home once more and show Josh too. 

There are a bunch of things that we have tried to do before sending our kids off in the world.  Basic skills.  They are still missing a few from the below list due to age.  They are missing the CPR piece and possibly how to jump start a dead battery in a car and Josh could certainly use a little practice in telling a story, short and sweet but otherwise, they are doing pretty good. 

There are a few things that everybody should know how to do.

Sew on a button ( hem something if need be but I might be stretching the boundaries here )
Roast a chicken
Waltz ( I really think that at one point before college everybody should learn how to dance at a wedding )
Live on a budget
Bake chocolate chip cookies
Make rice
Open a bottle of champagne, without taking someone out
Open a bottle of wine
Speak in front of a group although some people are not cut out for this
Learn CPR or basic first aid
Parallel park (I'd add how to drive a stick but that might be pushing it – Jessica can)
Know your alcohol limit
Have a firm handshake and look someone in the eye when doing it
Read a map
Clean a house
Jump start a dead battery in a car
Tell a story, short and sweet

Am open to any other ideas out there…