A day in Nolita

 One of my favorite birthday treats, every year, is my friend and I do something special.  She plans the event for my bday and I do the same for her birthday.  Every year is different.  All good actually all great. 

This year we had lunch at Balthazar ( always a fave ) and then walked over to a hat store, Lisa Shaub on Mulberry, and she got me a fantastic hat.  We both love hats and it was fun trying on a bunch until we decided on the perfect one.  The hats there are really great, some that we both loved but decided we had nowhere to wear them.   There are only 2 milliners that I know of in NYC, both downtown.  The other one is called The Hat Shop on Thompson.  The one I got is definitely not like any of the ones above although it is a one of a kind.  I was thinking cold winter.

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Afterward, we walked on Kenmare Street where we noticed a random exhibit called the Storefront for Art and Architecture.  I believe, even after reading it twice, the concept was to show that by using computers to design, architects can use new and different fabrications that are better for the environment at at the same time create really unique formations.  I might be a tad pedestrian to embrace the whole exhibit as the writing was like reading a grad school thesis. 

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Then we walked around and stumbled on a small food store on Broome Street called Despana.  The good thing about NYC is there are gem stores like this all over the place, the bad news is that I have walked by this place probably 30 times and never noticed it.  When I mentioned it to my friend at Josh's soccer game later in the afternoon, he knew it and had shopped there a million times. 

The store, which is incredibly clean and pristine inside, only carries items from Spain.  A cheese case, a case full of a varieties of chorizo and salamis, fresh made paninis in the back, ready made food too, jams, olives, olive oils, etc.  Also, as you can see in the picture, there are tastes everywhere which is so smart. 

Love this place.  It might have taken me a few years but now that I have discovered Despana, I will return.  First purchase, chorizo and a huge bottle of olive oil.  You can also buy online and have the goodies shipped directly to your door which if you aren't in the neighborhood is always an added bonus. 

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