Art Rocks

I am a big believer in supporting non-profits that affect children.  The theory that if we can make an impact when they are young, the opportunities are endless.  MOUSE has been something I have been involved with now for over 11 years.  I am actually chairing the next big campaign and am thrilled to be part of it.  The impact MOUSE has made has been truly far and wide.  Fred is now involved with Donors Choose which helps teachers make an impact in their classroom, in essence also helping kids. 

Art Works is an organization that a good friend has been involved with for many years and asked me if we would be on the benefit committee.  I hesitated because I am positive that our names mean anything but he pushed and so I said yes.  We went to the event last year and I really love what this organization does. 

Art Works Foundation provides children (and young adults) who are suffering from chronic and life-threatening illnesses access to creative programs which help in the healing and communication process for all of those involved.  So when your healthy kids to go school and have art class or put on a play, this program takes the same ideas into hospitals to help the kids share in their artistic accomplishments and feel good about themselves.  Pretty simple.  These kids might not make it to adulthood but it gives them and their families and opportunity to use art to express themselves. 

So, we gave and we are going.  If you are interested, please come or please give.  It is an organization doing work for something that you never think about until someone in your community or home gets a life-threatening illness.  I hope we are making an impact for those kids and families by supporting Art Works Foundation.

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  1. Mo Koyfman

    i can’t help but push 🙂 really appreciate all the support, always…