Farmers Market

We had friends over for dinner on Friday night and I felt compelled in between a meeting, working out and a couple of other things to buy some of the ingredients at the Greenmarket in Union Square.  My Mom had some tomatoes from the Greenmarket for break-fast and they are still so yummy that I couldn't help but get one more fix.

The Greenmarket in Union Square is one of the best.  The stalls are packed.  Flowers are beautiful.  I generally find myself going a little crazy every time I walk through as I am dreaming about a million of things I could make with this and that.  I attempted to stick with my list on Friday. It was tough.

The potatoes are beautiful this time of the year but what I was surprised by were the raspberries.  One stall had loads of raspberries with a sign to try them.  They were out of this world and so I felt compelled to whip up a raspberry tart at the last minute.  Well worth it. 

Dinner was a combo of a things I have made in the past.  Marinated and pan fried duck breast, couscous with roasted tomatoes ( added chopped slivered almonds to the couscous), roasted brussels sprouts with a bit of Sriracha sauce ( Joseph Leonard makes them ) and I whipped up a brown sauce that had ginger, oyster sauce, shallots, white wine and a demi-glace in it boiled down (no recipe it was one of those see what happens if I try this sauces).  Also, a Fig Goat Cheese Clafoutis ( the original dessert ) which was okay so I am not added the recipe.  But it did look good. 

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