Fergus + April = Epic Meal

Fergus Henderson and April Bloomfield are teamed up for a 3 day extravaganza making food that you generally don't find on many menus.  Last night they were serving their fares at the Spotted Pig.  It was a must and not for the faint of heart but the adventurous.  After all, Henderson's book is called The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail Eating.  Believe me, that is literal.

We began with 5 appetizers.  Bath Chap which is made from pig cheeks, cut into a cone and then brined or air dried for 3 days.  Then coated with bread crumbs, deep fried and this was served along with buttery chanterelles.  Classic British food. 

Duck Hearts with pea puree was another plate.  Rich pea puree that would have been great just slathered on bread with roasted duck hearts that had a similar flavor to chicken gizzards or liver.  

Pigs ear
The crispy pig's ear in a lemon caper dressing pops up on the Pig's menu from time and time and we all thought it was appropriate for the meal we were having to order this too.  Very crunchy like an incredible tasting thick chip.  One of my favorites at the Pig.

Ox Tongue sliced thin and mixed in with a bread salad and green sauce is very similar in taste to beef tongue which I admit, I loved growing up as my Dad always ordered it at the Jewish deli when we went. 

Roasted bonemarrow
My favorite was the roasted Bone Marrow and Parsley Salad.  3 Bones served with a tiny spoon that allowed you to scoop out the marrow, then slather it on the toasted bread with a little parsley salad for bite on top.  I could have had an entire plate to myself and been happy.  Maybe I would have slept better last night if I stuck to this.

Veal kidneys
Next out were the main courses.  Veal Kidneys with a rich mustard sauce and roasted cippolini onions and crispy bacon on the side.  The kidneys were a bit too organ tasting for me but certainly creative.  We also ordered Ham in Hay & Swede which is basically sliced ham.  Wasn't my favorite.

Pigheadpotato pie
The Pigs Head and Potato Pie for 2 was beautiful.  Sorry for the bad picture.  A large shepards pie stuffed with potatoes and pieces of meat from the pigs head.  Just think pork.  Absolutely delicious and beyond rich.

Last was a big fave of one of our friends we went with.  Grilled Ox Heart with Horseradish and Chips ( large french fries ). The Pig makes this dish with hanger steak on occasion.  Grilled Ox Heart tastes like steak.  Who knew?

All and all a truly epic meal.  Not something I could eat nightly but once a year, a serious treat. 

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Comments (Archived):

  1. trush

    Landmarc does a similar marrow dish with an onion spread and salt on the side to sprinkle. I could eat that all day…

  2. Mark Essel

    O_obrutal pig eating efficiency (bacon man myself)

  3. stevefried

    looks pretty insane….did you work out for 3 hrs this am? seriously lks like fun…the ultimate “PIG OUT”…btw, was this meal kosher??

    1. Gotham Gal

      Definitely Kosher. As for a 3 hour work out, more like mending my wounds.joanne [email protected]

      1. stevefried

        what were you drinking to wash it all down…by the way, have you heard about this great colonic center just around the corner from the pig? lol