Hugh MacLeod, The Gaping Void

Hugh MacLeod had an exhibit last night in NYC presenting not only original work but prints.  He is working with Seth Godin who put on the event last night called the Purple Cow Party.

I have met Hugh before and we have a few pieces of his work.  One in particular which I love is something Hugh made for Fred in about 30 second when they were meeting.  One of the mediums he uses are business cards.  He took an empty card and wrote on the front the following (my picture didn't come out after many tries)

1981:  I met my best friend

1987:  I married my best friend

AVC (an arrow) gothamgal

On the back it is signed with the date and place he made the card.

Then of course there was little etchings around it.  I had it framed into a square paperweight and it sits on my desk.  I love it. 

His work is clever and quirky.  Hugh is quite the character.  The minute you meet him, you just know that concepts and art are running around his brain all the time.  What is clever is that he is taking some of his work and then creating series of prints that are affordable to a broader audience.  Either way, his art is worth having around.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. ThePinkSuperhero

    I love that picture!!! I need that for my house.

    1. Gotham Gal

      You can get it online. Go to his blog. I love it toojoanne [email protected]

  2. Mark Essel

    I got to meet Hugh & Seth at the party. They were kind & humble enough to wander around and introduce themselves to nearly everybody and chat us up (pretty awesome for a trio of wallflowers – my fiance and brother were with me). It was a very groovy vibe, although I wish we could have heard them a little better over the music during the fund raiser/carton & action figure auction.Just finished the Dip by Seth, and Ignore Everybody by Hugh this weekend (writing up a quick review now, Zemanta pointed me here). Both were fast reads although my blog reading/comment hackles wanted to discuss some of the finer points with them. Highly suggest them to folks that are fans of ideas, creativity, and our economy’s transition.Hugh’s card for both you and Fred sounds like it really made a connection :D. That’s the best kind of art in my book. His off the cuff, nonchalant technique makes him the master of his own style. He’s a trailblazer!

    1. Gotham Gal

      I like that. He’s a trailblazer.IMHO, everybody should be humble. There is no reason for either Seth orHugh to be otherwise. Both super nice guys.