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Everytime I get to Los Angeles, I do try and check out the new restaurants.  One thing Los Angeles does better than anyone is great lunch places with ample salads.  Maybe it is the constant warm weather which bleeds into the health oriented life style that creates the abundance of good salad places.  Whatever it is, it is something I do wish New York City had more of.

My sister-in-law told me about this place and my brother took me buy.  It is called Lemonade.  The latest opening is on Abbott Kinney as there are a few of these cafes around Los Angeles already open.  Brilliant concept.  Didn't taste the food but my brother gave me the low down. 

It is essentially like an old fashioned cafeteria, updated.  You grab your tray and make your way through the line.  The first area is an abundance of salads from lentil/beets/goat cheese to chicken salad, etc.  Each are served in a long rectangle ceramic bowl that lines up next to each other so visually, it is beautiful.

Next area is the Dutch oven pots filled with stews and soups.  Even the drippings down the side of each pot makes this section looks like a home kitchen.  This is for the heartier lunch.

Next is the sweets.  Big thick brownies, cookies and an upper glass section above that which resembles an old fashioned diners pies and cakes. 

Behind the cashier, are a variety of drink machines.  Lemonade, mango berry, etc.  My brother says the lemonade is the best he has ever had. 

Conceptually brilliant idea.  The place was packed.  You could go every day and get something different.  All the food looks good and made fresh daily.  I will definitely have lunch there next time I get to Los Angeles.  

When we left, on the corner was the Kogi BBQ bus. My niece, who must follow them on Twitter, even though she is only 10, mentioned that she knew it was going to be there today.  Another Los Angeles concept which has set in motion the food off the truck concept to a completely different level.  You need to follow them on Twitter to find out where they will be each particular day.  Thus creating an exclusive brand that is limited and hard to to get daily.  Very clever. 

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  1. Jamie Kantrowitz

    you and I are food soul sisters. Took my mom here coming in from the airport on Friday, and all i could think to myself is where is Lemonade in NY! My other great food moments of the weekend were remembering that LA is really the king of the Deli (nothing beats the corned beef at Art’s famous in the valley), my never-miss consumption of Bolognese at Madeo and last night’s dinner at Ado, a new Italian in Venice where i had red beet pasta on a tellegio fondue and it BLEW MY MIND.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Red beet pasta. Wow!