Los Angeles in a weekend

Going to Los Angeles on a Friday night and returning on Sunday morning sounds romantic but it is a tad insane.  But, now that we are home, I'm really glad we went. 

We got to LA on Friday night, tossed our bags in the rent-a-car and drove directly to Katsuya for dinner, it was about 10pm when we got to the restaurant.  The kids wanted to go and so we did.  We were all starving at this point and certainly one of the highlights of Katsuya is when the waiter puts your order in to their hand held piece, the order goes directly to the kitchen and before we had finished ordering, food started coming out.  We were all a little unsure how we felt about the food coming out so quick but on the other hand we were thrilled because we were starving.  Literally in and out of there in an hour and then to the hotel.  Perfect.  We had our spicy tuna on crispy rice, jalapeno yellowtail, crispy rock shrimp, almond covered scallops, sushi and others so the kids got their fix. 

We stayed at the Fairmont because the party we were going to on Saturday night ( the reason why we came to LA ) was a few blocks away.  The thought was if one or all of the kids wanted to leave, they could walk to the hotel.  Smart move.  As for the Fairmont, don't love the hotel but do love the tree in front. Although, I wouldn't stay there again.  

We got up early, because we were all a tad wacky on the time zone and went to my brothers house to see the gang and do lunch at Axe.  Axe has the best pancakes in the world.  9 grain.  Would love the recipe….anyone?

Strolled around Abbott Kinney which now has stores and restaurants from one end to the other.  5 years ago, that was not the case.  Another urban location that has exploded.  What I like about that area is the vibe and the neighborhood feel.  In LA, there is so much driving to be done and in Venice, you can actually walk which is a beautiful thing. 

Saw an old friend in the afternoon for a few hours and then off to the party.  Really glad we went.  It was fun to meet my brother and sister-in-laws friends who I have heard about over the years.  Although 3000 miles away, we try to get together often and be connected in each others lives.  Good for the kids and good for us.  So, we made the effort and it was well worth it.  The 80 degree weather didn't hurt!

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  1. Ghorwood

    Next time try Animal http://www.animalrestaurant…Your friends at Food & Wine honored the team as Best New Chefs in 2009. Excellent. More modern that Au Pied de Cochon in Montreal and much friendlier vibe.

    1. Gotham Gal

      I will. Ate at their pop-up in Montauk this summer. Had time for barely a meal….but there are many next times!joanne [email protected]