Nick Lowe at the City Winery

Fred had planned a night at City Winery to see Nick Lowe this summer with some people.  Didn't exactly thrill me but I said I'd go so long ago and then before I knew it, the evening was here.  

Also, the evening completely ended up with a total different crew than Fred had planned on.

City Winery is really a great venue.  The concept is smart.  You can make wines, have group events, rent out the entire place for yourself, see music, have brunch, eat dinner, taste their wines or others etc.  Conceptually a place that scales older.  People can sit down, order pretty good food and a large assortment of wines.  Not the place to see The Arctic Monkeys.

In all sincerity seeing Nick Lowe was not very high on my list.  I really do prefer new music vs older bands or musicians that I listened to endlessly 25 years ago.  Once in a blue moon do I go back and listen to old stuff and most of it is the classics like The Stones or Beatles.  I realize that is not the norm among my peers, certainly based on last night.  Definitely last night when a woman came up to our table and talked about how Nick totally rocked like she was 18 vs the reality that she was 45 and rock would not be the word I would have used to define the show.

Nick Lowe is an amazing musician and performer.  His songs, when you really listen to the words, are magical.  He also has that witty sharp British humor which I personally find incredibly appealing.

30 minutes would have been enough for me last night but the highlight  was when Nick he sang Peace, Love and Understanding, a song he wrote for Elvis Costello, was really worth the entire evening.  In addition, the entire night was purely an acoustical performance.

Really like the venue, City Winery.  Comedy would be great there.  Not that into the older musicians.  Yet the thing about marriage it it isn't only about compromises, its part of the chit system. Now I get to put in my chit for????

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