Things The Grandchildren Should Know

Images If you are an Eels fan, and I am, this is a must read book.  I was turned on to the Eels from a woman who used to babysit our kids over 10 years ago.  She knew we were into music and knew what we liked and said that we would love the Eels.  Right she was.

Mark Oliver Everett is the Eels.  His nickname is E and someone in the music industry told him he should name his supposed band, which changes constantly, The Eels.  And so he did. 

His book, Things the Grandchildren Should Know is a great read. First of all, Everett is not only a wonderful writer, he is an incredible musician and artist.  Artist is the optimal word here.  Music flows out of him.  He is constantly creating new sounds and ideas.  Through this book, you learn more about his life and why he writes the songs he does and how music saved him.  

I have seen him in concert and each time it is a new experience.  His shows are more like theater.  Last show I saw him do he came out smoking a cigar, sipping scotch neat and walking with a cane.  The drums were old suitcases.  The guy is truly genius. 

A quick read, incredibly engaging and hard to put down.  Even if you aren't that curious about the man behind his music, it is a worthwhile read.  He grew up in an industry that has changed dramatically since he entered it and he writes about that through the book.  Everett has stuck to his guns and produced music he believed in.  His family life was not easy either which has certainly influenced his music.

A brilliant creative mind.  Probably the best autobiography I have ever read from a musician. 

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  1. daryn

    love the eels, loved the book, and the song of the same title is one of my favorites.