51QkBbNStmL._SL500_AA240_ In years past, I was really into buying the latest and greatest cookbook.  I have a nice collection.  I have also kept my own personal collection of pulling recipes out of magazines that I then categorized them in a large binder and plastic inserts.  Organized, yes, what can I say?  Now, I just go to the Internet and rarely look through the books, alas.

Yet over the past week I was compelled to buy 2 cookbooks which I am really happy I bought.  Momofuko and Ad Hoc.  Both are beautiful books, well written and full of information.  Ad Hoc is almost like a miniature cooking class. 

So, the print world isn't over yet.

Comments (Archived):

  1. Eddie

    What a coincidence. I just bought those same two books as well and am eagerly anticipating their delivery. I agree that their is something about a well-written cookbook with interesting recipes that cannot be replicated on the internet.

    1. Gotham Gal

      It just can’t be duplicated on the Internet. Both of those books will havemany pens marks and notes to myself as the years go on and that is somethingyou can’t replicate. Enjoy them….they are really good!

      1. daryn

        Both of these books are fantastic – and all 3 of Thomas Keller’s books are great on the coffee table too.Now, I just have to eat at both of these places!

        1. Gotham Gal

          Although I do love French Laundry and Per Se, there is something so familyoriented and with the great food, Ad Hoc might be my fave.

          1. daryn

            Ad Hoc will definitely be a destination next time we’re in Napa. In the meantime I know the cookbook will be getting some use, while the French Laundry book is mainly beauty and inspiration.

  2. cookiemoo

    As a collector of hundreds of cookbooks, I am thrilled to add ad hoc to my collection.

  3. Cliff Cate

    Joanne – The Amazon link to “Ad Hoc” is incorrect