Monsters of Folk

Monsters of folk
Last night Fred and I went to see the Monsters of Folk at the Beacon Theater.  The Monsters of Folk is a group of accomplished artists;  M. Ward (M. Ward) , Conor Oberst ( Bright Eyes and solo ), Jim James (My Morning Jacket)  and Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes).  We listen to all of them and have seen them each individually in concert.  So, seeing them as a group performing together is a serious treat.

After seeing the concert, my guess is they not only enjoy collaborating together but performing together gives them an opportunity to play solo throughout the show just a few times vs an entire concert.  It is probably exhausting doing a solo show every night so this way the audience gets the best of all worlds and so do the artists. 

Today, I've got all of them in heavy rotation.  Sorry for the blurry pics…the lighting they used last night was not working with my camera.  Also, they were filming the show so cameras were a big no-no.

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