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Images Went back to DGBG and not sure I will ever return again.

I went this past summer when it first opened.  Josh and I shared the menage a trois which is all 3 burgers and it was delicious.  Last night was not the same experience.

My friend and I had a drink at the Bowery Hotel which was perfect.  Should have stayed there an ordered a few of their pizzas from Gemma.  After drinks we walked down to DBGB and nabbed the last seat for 2 in the bar area.  First thing, order more drinks.  I was drinking scotch and they had a Japanese Single Malt scotch on the menu which I ordered.  Amazing.  Smooth, rich and delicious. Could be good for an after dinner drink it was so smooth.

We decided to order everything to share.  We started with 2 salads. Crispy chopped iceberg lettuce with chunky blue cheese dressing and pieces of bacon over the top was very good.  Loved the crispy with the creamy.  The other salad was a medium hard boiled duck egg encased in a deep fried bread crumb casing tilted on sliced portobello mushrooms that had been over cooked in red white witha few chitlins mixed in.  It tasted like a suburban chef who was trying to be clever.  Sorry to all the suburbanites but that is my best description.   Creative works when it works but when it doesn't, it is really abysmal. 

Out next came the 2 sausages.  The menu has a variety of sausages to order from sweet to spicy, etc.  One was a lamb merguez served over really overcooked spinach and a few chickpeas.  One bite, not so good, two bites, no more for me.  The other sausage was chunky pork sausage with pieces of something in it which I believe was bacon, pork, mushrooms and onions but that isn't what it tasted like. This was served over lentils cooked in red wine. We did get a side of fries though that were top.  My friend said today, have you ever had a bad fry and the answer is absolutely.  These fries were really good.

For dessert we split the chocolate sundae.  Too much whipped cream, uneven layering of chocolate pieces over the ice cream.  Of course it was sweet and chocolatey but not fab.


I waited 24 hours to write this but I slept really bad, my stomach is a bit upset today….all and all, I never liked the decor in there and now I'm pretty sure the only thing I like are the fries, the burgers and the Japanese scotch.  Also, while I'm on a roll, why are the bathrooms so far back you have to navigate the waitstaff and servers to get there?


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  1. johnmccarthy

    Sorry to hear you didn’t feel well after the meal. I walk by there every day and have been meaning to try it, but now not sure. Although good fries, burgers and Japanese scotch sounds like a pretty nice meal.

    1. Gotham Gal

      If u stick with that, u will be a very happy guyjoanne [email protected]

  2. CCjudy

    maybe your system cannot manage all that fat content….

    1. Gotham Gal

      Ha. Doubt that.