Thom Lussier

It is funny how people come into your life.  I was giving a party many years ago and the caterer who I was going to use was booked and recommended I call Thom.  Honestly, the rest is history.  Thom has done countless events for us over the years.  He is incredibly talented on so many levels.  I think of him as a Renaissance man. 

He runs his catering business lean and mean which is one of my all time favorite assets in a business person.  The same group of people have worked with him as far back as I can remember.  He is incredibly creative, not only food wise.  From floral arrangements, to floor plans, to decor in general…he is a master.  At one point he ran the business with his partner, David, out of a retail space outside of Soho, where you could have lunch/breakfast or dins.  Decided financially that didn't make sense and down scaled to a small space in the East Village.  He also been the set designer/producer of 2 movies.  Didn't surprise me in the least.  He is beyond organized.

What I learned about Thom recently is that he was an artist by training and when he graduated from grad school, he was showing in some of the top galleries in NYC.  Financially, it was tough, so hence the catering business.  He has found himself in a position and probably because he has been doing it all along, to start to show his work again.  Love that and really love his work.

He had a show at Four 11 Gallery in Brooklyn on Friday night.  Great space.  After the show, he treated a large group to a sit down dinner because he can.  A beautiful table, interesting people and of course delicious food.  A nice way to spend a rainy Friday evening. 

Nice to meet his friends, some people I already knew but most were new faces.  It is funny how people come into your life but it is nicer when they stay.