Bar Uriate

Bar uriates
Last night, we went to Bar Uriate located in the Palmero Viejo area of Buenos Aires. 

Always love an open kitchen and you can see the kitchen from the street.  Big, airy, industrial looking kitchen that feeds into the restaurant which is sort of funky.  The first room has a bunch of tables and the back room has a super high ceiling with banquettes and more tables and then there is a balcony above.  Light is low, very low.  I had to ask for another candle because I couldn't read the menu.

Malbec was the drink of choice last night.  Plumy rich and delicious.  The bread basket which is always a nice touch was not great.  Either the bread was seriously stale or they just don't do good bread.

Bar ur
We all began with something different.  Fred went with the mixture of meats from salami to prosciutto.  All really delicious and served on a long wooden board with a few slices of toast.  Josh and Jess went with the calamari.  Marinated in lime and a touch of garlic and sauteed in olive oil.  Simple and nice.  Em went with the burrata that oozed onto the plate with some sliced tomatoes.  There is touches of Italian throughout the place.  Buenos Aires has a huge Italian community that mostly immigrated from Genoa years ago.  I had sauteed mushrooms, thinly sliced with Parmesan cheese sliced over the top which just melted into the mushrooms.  A nice start.

For dins, we all went different ways.  Emily has a very strange pasta dish.  Wrapped spinach and cheese that wasn't what any of us was expecting.  Funky and not that great.  Jess went with a chicken salad which she enjoyed.  Fred had the fish, bad call.  Fish should be ordered in the few restaurants that do fish and say they do fish.  BA is more of a meat town.  Josh, who actually ordered the best, went with one of the dishes from the wooden oven.  Braised beef short ribs that were seriously rich after cooking in red wine for a long time.  On the side was a spicy corn and mashed sweet potatoes dish that was excellent.  The combo of flavors and textures were perfect.  I went with the chicken.  A breast wrapped in prosciutto and then roasted until crisp with a crispy leg on the side over mashed sweet potatoes and escarole.  Good but not an omigod.

We all passed on dessert although it is supposedly delicious there.  We did note that 3 of the 6 desserts had dulce de leche in it.  All and all, a hipster spot but the food isn't a place I'd rush back to.