buenos aires, day 3, san telmo

Although there are many art galleries in the area of San Telmo ( which we will return to ), the day to go to San Telmo is on Sunday.  Sunday is the day when the streets are filled with people selling their wares.  One big open air market.  The best market are really inside the Square/Park.  The streets are more local people with blankets and such. 

There is no doubt tons of schlock but it is worth the journey.   There are people playing music.

There is the Market of San Telmo where there are some food stalls although questionable if I would eat anything and lots of vintage clothes and antiques.  There is definitely a common time period where most of the wares come from.  Many of the glassware were reminiscent of my Grandmothers stuff.


The key is finding a cafe to get a Coca-Cola Light.  Our drink of choice when we are out of the country.

Fred loves to take pictures with his blackberry and then send them to a variety of locations, twitter, flicker, etc.

The place we wanted to eat at, San Juan Cafe, had an hour wait so we bagged it and ended up at a local empanada/pizza joint which I won't share the name.  The crust was good, the insides not so good but at least we had something to eat.

The area is a tad seedy but everyone got their goods.  I bought an old glass seltzer making bottle from 1929 in blue.  The tube inside is actually still made of glass. 

When we return, it will be to look at the galleries. 

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  1. laura

    I adore your blog. I was just in BA last fall [stayed in palermo viejo] and ate at the balcony restaurant featured in your photos on San Telmo. it was a bit cheesy but what a view.Enjoy yourselves! If your time permits, go up the river on the Tigre Delta cruise. i took the local mail boat, which was very long but incredible.

  2. artyowza

    The photo of the guitar player is fantastic!