Co. (pizza)

Images As we all know, pizza has taken over NYC.  No doubt that pizza has comes in many waves over the years.  There was Lombardi's, then there was Rays, then there was Johns…etc (not sure who really came first but you get the idea).  Now there are about 10 new places to check out mostly with thin crusts baked in brick ovens with a gourmet twist. 

I have been dying to go from place to place and really do a tasting in one night but instead I will do it bit by bit.  On Friday night, we went to Co. which is located on 24th and 9th. 

There is a small bar with about 8 seats shaped in a square.  Well done because people who are hanging and waiting don't end up moving into the seating area.  There are communal tables down the center and then around the walls there are small tables for 2 and 4.  Friday night, the large flat screen TV which overlooks the room had a picture of a log burning in the fireplace.  Kind of funny actually but certainly created the ambiance for the calm before the storm on Friday night.

The menu is straight forward.  Pizzas, salads, a soup, a few starters, wine and beer.  We did it pretty straight up and ordered 2 pies.  We had the meatball which included buffalo mozzarella, tomato, caramelized onions, veal meatballs, pecorino cheese and oregano.  It also includes olives but we asked to omit that.   A nice combo of flavors.  Thin crust, obviously all made by hand as each pie is not exactly perfect in shape.  They are not too big either.  It was good.  Lots of flavors on each pizza.  The other one we had was called ham and cheese.  3 cheeses, mozzarella, pecorino and gruyere melted together with prosciutto laid over the top.  Classic Italian tastes on one nice sized pie. 

Nice flavors, good crust.  What I really like it how pizza has evolved in NYC and I am enjoying the evolution. 

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  1. marilynmm

    My family was one of those that had long awaited the opening of Co. We were and still are fans of the founder’s Sullivan St. bakery. Early in its life, almost a year ago, the lines to get into dinner were staggering. No reservations policy. How are the evening lines now? If you like spinach, the popeye pizza is divine. (Good salads, too.) Then I chanced to go a couple times for lunch-no crowds. The staff allows you to sit there for hours. Once I ordered a seasonal soup, gaspacho, and didn’t care for it and sent it back untouched xc for one spoonful to taste. I said to my dining companion (daughter), a good place would not charge me for that. Not only did we not get charged but Jim Lahey came out of the kitchen to discuss his vision of the soup vs. mine. I was even more impressed.