day 2 in buenos aires

I must be making up for lost sleep in 2009.  I slept 11 1/2 hours last night and did quite a fair amount of sleeping the day before.  We are getting up quite late which seems to be consistent on our vacations.

 We made our way back over to the Palermo Viejo area today.  We began at Olsen for brunch but it happens that they don't do brunch on Saturday.  They were serving lunch and there were 4 options that none of us were prepared for so we left.  Alas.  The restaurant is stark with a Swedish twist set back from the street with a garden in front.  Kind of reminded me of restaurants in Venice, CA.  Even a beat up looking couch for seating.  Instead, we walked over to Mark's Deli and Coffee Shop.

Marks deli
Mark's is definitely the happening place as we had to wait a bit for lunch.  The menu is basically salads and sandwiches.  Nice local joint.  Also, I love when they serve salads in a big white bowl.  3 of us had salads, 2 had sandwiches.  Stick with the salads.  Mine was fantastic.  Tossed greens with roasted tomatoes, goat cheese and pieces of chicken ( I asked for that on the side ).  Keep in mind that we had that 5 big bottles of Coke Light and 2 espressos and they entire bill, with tip was about $50 American dollars.  It is quite inexpensive here for us.

We then did up the neighborhood.  We hit up quite a few stores from Mishka to Humawaca and found nothing that rocked our boat.  The best stop was Felix where Josh had 2 personal shoppers ( Jess and Em )to hook him up.  Otherwise, as much as I know this is the happening area, not sure any of it really spoke to us enough to bring it home. 

After we walked over to Tikai Chocolates and tasted a few of their wares and then proceeded to walk through the Plaza Cortazar which was set up with a bunch of local artists.  Mostly cheap stuff.  Then, we were toast.

Back to the hotel to relax although I walked around a bit and ended up at Tramando which is a local designer shop.