day 4, buenos aires

Bar 6
It was raining when we got up and as always, headed out to palermo for lunch.  today, we began at bar 6

bar 6 is a cafe/bar that starts with breakfast and continues all through the night.  the space is very cool.  super high ceilings with modern industrial fabrications against old brick.  the furniture is a mishmash from tables and chairs to old sofas and kilim rugs.  very chic and comfy.

lunch was quite good.  fred and em went with the stir fry which was excellent.  flavorful, asian bend and mixed with black sesame seeds.  i went with a salad that had everything in it but the kitchen sink which was also really good.  jess has the salmon tartare which seems to big here that had arugula layered over the salmon and quite good.  josh has chicken quesidillas.  the menu is as eclectic as the space where it totally works and tastes good. 

afterward, we realized we were in need of cash and started the mission of finding a bank.  not easy in this area.  we did quite a bit of walking before we found one.  where as in nyc, there is almost a bank on every corner or an atm in every deli.  funny enough, last night we walked through recoleta and noticed in that neighborhood, banks are abundant.  so, the neighborhood with the money gets the banks.

malba was the activity of the late afternoon.  malba is the modern art museum of buenos aires.  fantastic space.  large open windows, hanging lamps from the ceilings, glass elevators, and light streaming through the middle and the galleries are off to the side.  not a huge museum but one that is a must see.

what i loved about malba is simply the art.  having gone to modern art museums from one end of the world to the other, this museum has fantastic modern art all argentine based.  most of the art i had never seen but was drawn to immediately.  as always, i brought home the book of malba's permanent collection.  i'm looking forward to going through it and taking some notes.  loved the art.

it was time to go back to the hotel and take a snooze, read a book and just relax.  nice day.

Comments (Archived):

  1. Sebastian Wain

    If you’re REALLY interested in contemporary Argentinian Art. I feel obligated to recommend the (non-very-known) review collection: “Argentina Pinta Bien” that is available (if it wasn’t sold out) in the Centro Cultural Recoleta (a few meters from the cemetery)

  2. Evan

    bar 6 is def famous for its breakfast here. but to americans, it isn’t that special