good-bye to 2009

Images-1 I am so ready for 2009 to leave and 2010 to begin.  Although it is just a one day that
separate the year, it is a mindset.

 I am not sure there is anyone I know who doesn’t feel the
same way.  It was just a crazy
year.  Stressful on many
levels.  Overwhelming too.  We were all on cruise control and then
all of a sudden the tire blew.  Not
that it has happened before but it takes time to adjust. 

 A lot has been written about this past decade.  Although some people have written that
it has been a big zero of a decade, I don’t agree. 

 Technology has changed the game this decade.  The world got flatter.  Certainly large companies continue to
rule but in many ways, technology has changed that game.  The leaders of the music industry who
were the deciding factor on many careers don’t really rule anymore.  Musicians now have the ability to
create their own audiences through the world wide web.  Same for authors who want to publish
their books.  They don’t
necessarily need the big guys, they can find their own niche audience on the
web.  When a young 13 year blogger
named Tavi is invited to sit next to the top fashion critics in the world at
the premier fashion shows, you need to step back and take pause.  Who is running the fashion world, is it
Vogue or is it the Sartorialist? 
Perhaps the Sartorialist is pushing Vogue to rethink the way the are
going to operate in the next decade.  In essence, a lot has changed this past 10 years.

 Certainly bloggers have become the information
providers.  You can travel around
the world and find out where to eat, what to see, what to do or not do in one simple
click.  We have become a social
world through the Internet by keeping live diaries, tagging photos and keeping
everyone you touch up to date through your own personal home page.

 The last decade has been a game changer in the way we live
our lives.  Many did not see the
game changing or had the vision to figure it out.   As thrilled as I am to say goodbye to 2009, I am
really excited to see how the next decade will unfold.  No doubt, the tools we have today will
be ancient compared to the tools we will have tomorrow and they will continue
to create a more intimate flatter singular world where the cream of new ideas
and people will rise to the top without having to play the game the way we have
had to in the past.  Every person
is their own brand playing their own game. 

The smoke and mirrors of the past 10 years has certainly masked many inequities in people and businesses that had no right rising to the top but sometimes there is a need to flush that out.  We have witnessed the flush in 2009 which is why it has been a stressful year. 

My guess is 2010 will not only be a good year, it will a step in the an interesting new direction.  Regardless, to everyone out there who reads my blog, thanks for the support…and the comments.  Hope that 2010 is a happy healthy year.


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  1. Sunchowder

    All the best to you for a wonderful, happy and healthy New Year. X, Wendy

    1. Gotham Gal

      You too Wendy. Thanks.

  2. cookiemoo

    A very happy, healthy New Year to you and your family. I am so happy to see 2009 end and my lucky “10” arrive! Unfortunately, the flush you refer to also took many good people with it too.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Absolutely. How to be your own fashion entrepreneur thru Etsy!joanne [email protected]