Is the year over yet?

I get the feeling that everyone is just looking forward to the end of this year.  Maybe it the economy or the constant media coming at us…way too much information.  Or maybe it is just the mild insanity I feel these days but I kind of want a fresh slate. 

The last few days I have been tying up loose ends from travel to new home to business deals to kids stuff, etc.  Frankly, I am exhausted.  I sort of feel like the picture.  Emily is the only one who is not blurry.  The feeling of being in a fog and looking for some sanity on the other end. 

I am once again in the throes of basketball.  I went to 4 games so far this week between Josh and Emily. 

We are off to Buenos Aires next week, any suggestions that I can add to the list, comment away.  Although I might find myself just chilling in a cafe but I seriously doubt it. 

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  1. jonathanc

    BA is a great city. I first went for business in 1991 and have been back a number of times. Our family spent Christmas break there in 2007. I think of it like a South American Texas – everything is a bit bigger there. The Colon, the amazing opera house, was purposely built several rows longer than La Scala. The main drag, Avenida 9 de Julio, was intentionally designed a couple lanes wider than the Champs-Élysées. Much of BA was constructed around the turn of the 19th century, when Argentina was very wealthy, and the bravado shows. The boom-bust cycle has taken its toll, but the city is still very beautiful and very European.There was a lot of immigration from Italy and its influence is evident. Gelato is everywhere. Freddo is a Grom-like chain that is great, but there are others too. Have some daily. There were many Italian restaurants. I remember liking Bar Uriarte.Steak and grilled meats of all sorts are the thing. There are touristy places like Cabana las Lilas in Puerto Maduro, a re-purposed commercial/restaurant area on the river that reminds me of what the South Street Seaport could have been. The steak was amazing, as were the french fries. I always liked the baby beef cut. It is anything but baby sized. We went on Christmas Day (good to know they are open) with a family friend living in BA and his girlfriend. She ordered a cut with a name I didn’t recognize. When I tasted it, I realized it was brisket!One day we did an empanada crawl. Each Argentine region has their own style and all are delicious.Don’t go out to eat dinner before 10pm (or even later) unless you want to only eat with other tourists. It amazed me to see little kids running around restaurants well after midnight.One source for information that I liked was Casa Saltshaker. The author is a transplanted New Yorker who has a great food blog. I found his restaurant recommendations (… to be spot on. He has sections specifically on ice cream and empanadas. I am sure you’ve scanned Chowhound’s Latin America section already.BA is also a great shopping town. Lots of high quality leather products that are pretty cheap. Recoleta, home of the famous cemetery and cafes, feels like shopping in the UES. It is worth wandering, but make sure you also explore areas like Palermo Viejo and Las Canitas, too.Have a great trip…..

  2. daryn

    I hear you — very ready for the new year myself. it’s not buenos aires, but I’m excited for a brief reprieve in Baltimore next week with my parents, siblings, nephews and nieces.Next year starts the same as this one ends, but there is that feeling of reset and renewal that can’t come too soon at this point.have a great trip!

    1. Gotham Gal

      The rest and renewal can’t come fast enough!

  3. TheArly

    I highly recommend flying up to Iguacu Falls – it’s the largest waterfall in South America, and because it’s on the border, you can approach it from a couple of angles – it’s absolutely stunning! Makes Niagara look simple in comparison!

  4. kenberger

    I’ll be there (Argentina) too a couple weeks after you, so looking fwd to Wilson posts to ensure I don’t go hungry.BA has a formidable software scene that I’ll be checking out, and will spend at least a week in Mendoza and northern deserts too.PS: Punta del Este, Uruguay, is the Argie Hamptons, and is where the entire population of BA will be Xmas week (unless that aspect changed since my last visit 10 years ago).

  5. kirklove

    Qué lindo! Great choice on BA. And I’m not just saying that because we’re headed there, too. Ha. We’ll be in Asuncion, Paraguay, too (that’s where Lili is from) and some time in Brazil. I’ve never been to BA, but hear it is beyond amazing. If I see you on FourSquare I’ll buy you a drink. ; )Most excited to visit Igauzu though. You should go.If you find/have any great guides or tips for BA let me know. Luckily for me, Lili’s been many times, but not in a few years. I bookmarked this restaurant list from T+L. I’ve always trusted their suggestions. Soooo looking forward to eating copious amounts of extraña and empanadas and relaxing. Travel and Food FTW!Disfrutar!

    1. Gotham Gal

      Enjoy Paraguay. Would love to get there too!

      1. DonRyan

        My daughter spent two months in Paraguay after graduating from high school this year. She loved it and said the food was awesome, especially the German and Italian dishes (go figure). A number of folks who fled Europe after WW2 went to Argentina and then Paraguay. Have a great trip.

  6. Luciano Tourn

    Hi, I’m an Argentine reader of your blog, currently living in Boston. In the past I’ve enjoyed and benefited from your tips, such as when in July I went to Montreal and eat at the awesome Jean-Talon Market.So here are some eating tips for BA:- La Bella Italia (República Árabe Siria 3285): one of my best BA places, great environment and food- Malba Museum (latin american art): the architecture and the collection of the museum are great, and the bar at the lobby is simply amazing. Free wifi, go there to write a blog post about your experience in BA =)- Oviedo: the best spanish stuff in Parlermo- Sucre (… trendy, with a great bar and wine list- Volta ice creams (or Persico, which is also very good): ‘dulce de leche granizado’ flavour!- Parrilla (steak houses): many are good, just remember to order ‘provoleta’ to start with.Other: La Ventana in San Telmo for the best tango show / environment in BA. Walk around in Palermo viejo (Soho of BA) to grasp the creative scene in BA. You’ll appreciate this blog about BA (written by an american journalist) to learn more about daily life at BA: someone says in another comment, Punta del Este is great this time of the year, and it’s just 3 hours ferry from BA. If you go, then you should visit one of my favorite beach restaurants in the whole world: La Huella in Jose Ignacio (http://www.paradorlahuella…..Hope you enjoy BA!Cheers,Luciano.

  7. Amy Abrams

    Hey Joanne,Since your family likes to shop and eat – here are a few highlights from our trip to BA last dec:AMAZING shoes:josefina ferroni in palermo viejomishka @ palermo viejoclothes:lupe @ palermo sohomarkets:san telmo on a sundayfood: dominga – in palermo – sushi GREAT drinks and atmospheremilon – great for a late night drink (cool space)la cabrera – for a traditional steak experiencealfrahores – eat them everywhere if you like dulce de lechewe walked everywhere – the only place to stay away from is the center – it is like hanging out in times square!!! enjoy!!!!