More pizza

My mom and sister came over for dins tonight and we did a little pizza mix.  (Yes, my sister, my brother, my husband and my kids blog ).  You gotta plan in advance so I made the dough yesterday.  A nice treat from the normal day to day dinner.  I blogged about the dough in October.  Here are the pictures and combos tonight. 

First pizza was sauteed cauliflower with a little panko, pan fried pine nuts and a mixture of 2 hard Italian cheeses ( pecorino like ).

Second was burratta, sauteed ends of broccolini and sweet sausage ( the insides ).  A tad heavy on the cheese.  Oops.

Third was mozzarella (from Italy), prosciutto and dollops of pesto ( always have some homemade in the fridge).

Fourth was Emily's who felt we must have the classic.  Paul Newman's tomato sauce and shredded mozzarella (old school style from the market).

I forgot to take the pictures as the night went on.  You can see the first one was whole, the second one was sliced, the third one was half eaten and the fourth one had one slice left.   Kind of funny, actually.

Fun evening…and am loving the pizza.