The annual holiday card



I have been sending out an annual holiday card for 20 years or so.  Yes, even before kids.  Our list has seriously grown over the years.  I sent out 200 cards this week.  Yikes.  All these cards went through the good old fashioned USPS

We get many cards in the mail too.  It is fun to read them, see the pictures and just have that annual check in.  Some people we have not seen in a very very long time.  I put them in a basket in the kitchen and everyone checks it for the latest card. 

The most frustrating thing is just using USPS.  We put a Donors Choose card in some of the cards (I didn't have 200 of them).  Just before I sent out the card, I had a moment and realized that those cards probably need more postage.  I checked the info on line.  Weighed the card on my handy kitchen scale and added the proper postage.  Wouldn't you know it that 7 of the cards came back yesterday but I know for a fact that others got them through emails.  So annoying.  Makes me think about sending next years card out through email but it just isn't the same thing. 

The Donors choose card has been a huge hit.  The card gave each person an opportunity to pick something on the site to give to, on us.  Hopefully every person was turned on to the site and the concept of giving through Donors Choose and will continue to do so throughout the year. 

For all of those who read my blog, I am posting the card because I want to wish you and yours a happy holiday too.  This year, it had to be 3 separate pictures.  Getting the kids to take a group picture as they get older has proved to be more difficult than need be. 
Ollie got the back of the card.  After all, he is our newest family member this year.

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  1. cookiemoo

    And a Very Happy Holiday to you and your family. Thank you for sharing your feelings, observations, recipes and reviews. I look forward to all your experiences in 2010.Fondly,Cathy

    1. Gotham Gal

      Thanks Cathy. Appreciate the kind wordsjoanne [email protected]

    1. Gotham Gal

      Soooo cute!

  2. skysurfer172

    Happy Holidays to you, Fred and the family as well. I have enjoyed and learned from both blogs and I still regret being too shy to walk up and say hello to Fred at the Rural Alberta Advantage show almost a year ago! Biggest regret of 2009!! :-)I look forward to more Gotham Gal and AVC in 2010.

    1. Gotham Gal

      It is great when people come up and say hi…particularly the people that comment often. Love putting a face to the words.Enjoy the holidays.joanne [email protected]