Urs Fischer: New Museum


_MG_1962f_thumb Winter hit NYC today.  Bummer. 

Fred and I spent a bit of the day together today.  We lunched at Ruby's in Nolita and did a bit of strolling, shopping and such.  We also hit up the New Museum.

I have been to the New Museum a few times.  I don't love the spaces there.  Almost like a gritty gallery trying to do it on the cheap but maybe that is the look.  I wanted to see the Urs Fischer exhibit and so we went. 

This is the first solo exhibit for Fischer in an American museum.  The work on the top floor, I believe, was made exclusively for this show.  Over-sized clay looking aluminum structures.  As you continue downstairs, each floor has a different vibe with different sculptures.  The third floor has a very cool purple piano that appears to be melting.  Personally, I wasn't that into either floor but the second floor was a total, love.

The second floor is filled with triangular and square cubes of aluminum that are then covered with images.  They are fantastic.  Different angles of a cupcake, a lipstick tube, half a loaf of bread, a sneaker, a Dell computer, a Balanciaga sandal, etc.  It is a maze of these cubes.  Each one reveals itself to you are you walk through the room.  Clever, thought provoking and I would love to bring one home!

I am still not loving the New Museum but the 2nd floor is absolutely worth the trip.  Kids would love it. 

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