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At a party we had this past year, Fred noticed someone wearing some pretty fantastic jewelry.  He asked about it and found out the jewelry was by Anna Sheffield.  Ends up, his friend knows the designer.  Fred wondered if I'd be interested in going over and checking out her wares.  Um…let me think about that…absolutely.

After Helene's birthday lunch we headed over to Anna Sheffield's studio.  The studio is more like a warm cozy apartment with a studio in it.  Not surprising after meeting Anna.

Anna was raised in New Mexico and Colorado.  Her parents lived on an Indian reservation where her father was a doctor.  She grew also grew up skiing because her father was also a ski patrol on the side.  Her heritage definitely shows in her jewelry.  Each piece feels handmade and you can see the incredible thought to detail.  The pictures on her sight don't do her work justice.  Even a simple chain will have tiny nuances to it that create something special.  The boxes she puts her jewelry in even tie back to the line.  A total package.

She has a mens line and a few womens lines.  One with gems and one without.  Her lines have really started to explode and is carried in a variety of special stores as well as high end department stores such as Barneys

Both Helene and I got a few things but the best part was meeting Anna.  It always nice to meet someone who is gracious, talented and nice but to see someone like this have success in their field makes the meeting even better.  She is quite an interesting soulful person.  Really a gem…no pun intended.

Both Helene and I were thrilled to meet her…and of course go with home with a few of her wares.

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  1. ellen

    The pieces look finely crafted. Love the two finger rings with stones. A hip New York girl’s version of brass knuckles ?Thanks for sharing!

    1. Gotham Gal

      The 2 finger rings are a signature piece. Very hip!