banana mush

Banana mush
It happens to all of us.  i am loving lisi's lucious desserts and was hankering to bake yesterday.  I had a few bananas that had hit the wall and figured I'd tried a new banana recipe.  lisi had made a banana rum trifle/cake on new years eve which was a disaster that she turned into a trifle.  i screwed up mine too.

the thing about anything, you know when you screwed up and it is just the question of how it will come back to bite you in the ass.  i know the basics of cooking.  beat eggs with sugar, add eggs, generally add the ingredients that give the cake its flavor and then the flour mixture.  sometimes the last 2 can be reversed.  i went through the first couple of ingredients sans flour and thought where is the sugar.  i literally had missed the entire step.  i tossed in the sugar after the eggs/butter/vanilla and bananas had already been mixed up.  knowing it would either work or not.  it didn't work but when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

the cake just never set properly after 80 minutes.  it was going to burn on top so i just pulled it out and went with it.  the whole thing imploded, i added the rum syrup anyway, put it in a big bowl and told anyone who wanted, to treat it like pudding.  honestly, a huge mistake.  josh recommended doing it the same way again it is seriously decadent. 

i do feel the need to get it right and will attempt to get it but for now, underdone mushy rum soaked pudding/cake it is.

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  1. lisi

    i think it is my recipe! if you failed and i did too! but glad the pudding tasted so good. really glad and that josh was happy. lol…